BLUME is an entertainment and media company formed through the collaborative efforts of a core of senior executives in both the United States and South Korea.​

We are a forward thinking company with a deep understanding of upcoming trends.  We combine A-List star talent and creativity in order to engage global audiences, and to deliver innovative ideas as a leading architect of popular culture​


We bring a breath of fresh air compared to other competitors. We are specialists with a different perspective, a team with an established track record and a network extending to the highest echelon of the entertainment industry.

We open the doors you need and get you to the right people in order to further vision and help you achieve your goals. From major global brands, to the top companies within music, entertainment, fashion and technology we have strong insider relationships to help you maximize your brand efforts and bring your story to life.



  • Always be honest. We are only as valuable as the word we give others.

  • Work hard, work smart.  

  • Family is everything. We are a family.

  • Listen to the youth, and embrace their ideas.

  • Do not settle, strive to better your self in any way.

  • Be creative, be loud, be disruptive.


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